That i watch p***

Jul 9, 2012

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  • It's not weird, it's pretty common between people of ages 10 and up.

  • First of all. I don't know why this is in strange. It's not strange at all. This is a common problem for males and females alike. One thing that you need to understand is that you can stop. It's not something that is impossible to stop but your desire to be a better person has to be greater than your physical desire. Usually even sexual urges stem from wanting affection from someone and while there's nothing wrong with wanting affection it becomes a problem when you start doing things that defile your innocents. The solution is to understand that affection is not everything. There are many other things that are important in life too but the most important thing is God, whether you believe it or not. If you understand these things, also about God being most important, then you will be able to stop. Even still, it's more than just knowing how to stop and having the ability, it's actually stopping.

  • Abstinence-promoting advice like this is so petty and pathetic, even more so when it invokes non-existent authorities like 'God' and stagnant and outdated moral views, as seen in this post. One must liberate oneself from such outrageous concepts as 'sin', when they threaten to restrict one's liberty to pursue harmless activities, such as watching p***, for no valid reason at all, based only on absurd fears about 'defiling innocents' and similar nonsense.

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