So Confused

I need help, The ex boyfriend i used to love but pretty sure i still do, was always my friend after we broke up, we didnt talk a lot and i got a new boyfriend but now that the ex is back in my life i have figured out i still love him, but also care a lot for the boyfriend, but he doesnt trust me at all and we have so many fights even before the ex came back in the picture and im so confused about what i should do, The ex boyfriend is away for a job and will be for a while, but we have started talking everyday again, and having so much trouble with the boyfriend now with all this trust thing because i would dont want to be with someone that does not trust me. I have gotten a little bit of advice from family and friends but i need it from people outside also. it would probs help me out a little bit more.

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  • WOW, you are really a hot piece. I think I love you.

  • Until you know what you're doing with the ex, and whether or not you can sustain a relationship with him, I think you should keep them both and enjoy them both. But you have to be fully present with each one when you're with them: no more pining for the ex when you're with the boyfriend, and no worrying over the boyfriend when you're in bed with the ex. You're OBVIOUSLY enough of a woman to take care of both men (and maybe more), and you obviously have need to be with both. You just need to be cautious and focused no matter who you're with. Once you figure out where you are with the ex, you can decide if you want him full-time, AND if he can satisfy you full-time) or if you can still keep the current guy. In the meantime, consider yourself to be lucky to have two men when lots of girls have none. Good luck.

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