So badly...

I want to be raped. I know it sounds horrible, but I purposly put myself in positions where its more likely to happen.

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  • Ive been raped and its not good okay why wish that on urself?

  • Give me a meeting place, and time. I will make your fantasy happen. No pain, violence, or s*** like that, but it could be an "arranged" kind of thing. We could make each others' fantasies come true. Just think about it.

  • I almost went thruogh what you are wishing. I was 12 years old and me and my family were at a rodeo.I accidently got separated from my parents and was totally lost! Finally a nice man tried to help me find my family, but first he tried to help himself to me. I was so in shock that I didn't scream or yelled for help.he wasn't able to penetrate me(thank God) but just the thought of his ugly thing pushing against my privates gives me chills. It is horrible!

  • You seem into BDSM...maybe act out a scenario? If you are's not rape.

  • I'm not alone! Thank you so much.

  • Dumbass, you want it and thats not rape and you just want to be taken control of go see a f****** shrink!

  • I understand the urge....I truly do. And I think it's hot. But the problem is that rape almost always leads to intense physical injury, and frequently, death. Neither of which is the stuff of fantasy. What you need to do -- INSTEAD -- is get yourself involved with a professional dominant, a "master", who you can find in your town (or somewhere near you, if you need or want anonymity or simple distance). Set up scenarios with him where he takes you against your will, or establish rules where the attacks will happen during the course of your relationship with him, but you won't ever know WHEN, and then identify what sorts of abuse or assault you're willing to accept, up to some maximum tolerance. But do NOT go out and put yourself in danger of something dangerous and uncontrollable, where the situation gets beyond what you can take and you can't end it immediately. You may say, "Oh, I don't want ANY control", or "I want it rough and I don't want it to stop", or "I want to say 'no' and be ignored, or punished for saying it", or even "I'm actively LOOKING for a beating, maybe something brutal.....before the f****** starts", but you can't imagine the depravity that exists in the world until you're exposed to it, and if you wait to fix ground rules until the game has started, it'll be too late. Have fun, but BE SAFE!!

  • But if you want it it isn't rape

  • It's most likely to happen on a date with a friend (according to statistics)

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