I Don't know me anymore

Very simply, that I do not love my girlfriend any longer. Perhaps we were never in love. Perhaps I'm not the type of person to fall in love. All I know is 2 solid years of having her on my mind every minute felt as close to love as I think I'll ever get. But now, midway in to year four, I find I hate her every action. I do not let any of this show, as I am a horrible person, not a cruel, horrible person. Every action of hers I found cute now peeves me to no end. I find myself looking for reasons to escape the apartment more and more. The s** is still great, but that seems to be the only thing I stay with her for. I dont know how to break up with her.

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  • Your ready to move on... so do it. you dont get when you dont make it happen most of the time.
    i suggest just saying the truth that you arent working out because you dont love her anymore, its not her or anything she has done but you dont want to be in a relationship where you dont actually love her. people fall out of love, people are wrong sometimes too and were never in love in the first place. yea she will probably be upset, but its possible she has thoughts of her own about you too.
    if you dont do it now your jsut gonna wait and be stuck in this rut so just get it over and done with, but DO NOT break up with her just after s**.... that deserves a poke in the eye if you do that xx

  • First, go to a relationship counselor and discuss your situation with him or her. Don't tell your girlfriend you're doing it, at least not yet: just go for a few weeks and figure out where you are for real. It's somewhere between possible and certain that you are simply in a lull, and that the fire can be reignited . . . albeit with some effort. It's also possible that you either can't commit, or that something she's done (hiding in your subconscious) has made it clear that you don't want to commit to her. Figure out which it is in therapy. Then, (a) if it's fixable, get to work fixing it, but (b) if it's not fixable, end the relationship as quickly and as cleanly as possible: both of you deserve that. For what it's worth, in my view, true love never dies. If you really did love her, that love is still alive and still in you somewhere, perhaps obscured by some private or unspoken pain that you may not even be aware of. Love, if that's what it was, is still what it is. And it's worth the effort to locate and revive it. If you believe it ever was "love", properly so called, don't give up on it.

  • He said it clearly that he no longer loves her. Why all the trouble with the counselor? Op, just try it on your own to completely analyze your feelings towards her. Sometimes it's normal to be irritated by your girlfriend, but hating everything she does is something different. If you really can't love her, just break up the relationship. Living a lie is like betraying yourself and your life. You're wasting precious time just to try to revive something that maybe no longer exists. Figure out what you think of her and then take action. As sad as it is, she wouldn't like it if you stayed with her for the wrong reasons, it's just wrong.

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