19 yr old homewreaker

I am 19 Years old. I am hooking up with a married man. We hook up every other Tuesday. He is 29. He also is married. The first time I kissed him was 3 days before his wedding date. Funny thing is I found out he was engaged the day I kissed him. The first time I hooked up with him was 2 weeks after. It's been 2 months now maybe a little more. Did I mention he's my manager at a job I love working at? He is everything id want in a person. But I know deep in my heart the chances of him leaving are slim to nothing. He shared a year old with his wife. I know there's no hope. And the guilt eats me alive. My selfishness. I'm sorry.

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  • Please write us back when this whole thing blows up on your face. It won't convince the next naive young homewrecker, but it will amuse a few people, and that's what counts most. 'cause really your whole situation's gone past the point of no return. It's going to end terribly, and there's nothing you can do now but share the juicy details!

  • It appears you are in love with him. He no doubt loves you too. Stay with him and he will make you happy.

  • You're a loser!

  • As they are saying here, hang in there & stay with him as a girl he can depend on for the comfort & love you provide. He needs you more than you realize. Patience girl.

  • Don't beat yourself up. Give the relationship a chance. It is at least possible that you and he are meant to be together, and he just jumped the gun with the woman he married. Do you feel like the two of you are supposed to be together?

  • I've honestly have never felt this way. All I think about is him and us enjoying our times together. We have so much in common it's ridiculous.

  • Then you should go get him. He's with her, but he belongs with you. Make him belong TO you, as well.

  • It's not all your fault: it takes two. Your guy is more responsible than you.

  • In describing him and your relationship, you didn't mention the word "love". If you aren't in love with him, go find someone who you DO love. On the other hand, if you ARE in love with him, then do whatever it takes to get him to leave her for you.

  • My ex wife did the same thing with several men. He will not leave his wife for you. If you have another boyfriend and he finds out what your doing he will get rid of you like I did my now ex wife.

  • So you mean he would get made at me if I moved on?

  • Absolutely. You're best off to stay with him.

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