Out with old in with new

That I never shall m********* again because it is a addiction and is wrong. Makes me look bad by my peers and myself.Its my birthday so I figured I shall become more catholic and less sinful. Its also a step to becoming a better man and a more faithful catholic.

Jun 28, 2011

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  • Thats great power to ya I am also Catholic and I also have that same problem and I hope after today all of that will change. I hope I will be able to over come my addiction just like you.

  • I had to stop too and I have been blessed for it. I'm not Catholic, I'm Mormon. (Just so we know, I'm a girl.)

  • if you want to be a better catholic, you could always just rape some kids.

  • What you are doing is natural, you are finding out about your body. There is nothing to be guilty over .Dont be so h****** yourself about it. life is full of mysteries that you are just begining to learn

  • Its not sinful, but as with anything, if done in excess it can distract from other things in life. Moderation, moderation.

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