Well i am a 15 year old female and in a few weeks im getting tested to see if i have schizophrenia... It is scary to think that i probably have it... Will effect my futur career, my futur relationships? My dad already hates the idea of it and sometimes doesnt even want to look at me when i tell him about it. He doesn't let me talk to the guidence counslers at school and hes gunna make me see my old docter who i can barley understand half the time. Should i tell my friends or keep it to my self... they have already seen me trip out and hallusinate like we were chillen in the forest and i seen a airplane come right at me and i neerly broke into tears. They see home times that i stop in the middle of walking or saying something and they dont know why we laugh about it but it because im seeing people or im hearing voices in my head inturupting my thought process... My grandpa had schizophrenia... i never met him but i have been told stories and im scared... I dont want to be locked up in an isane asylam or forced to take pills to stop the hallusinations and voices because sometimes when i feel alone even if they are mean voices at least theres something there and what will happen when the all go away... I'll feel alone again, like no ones there... I dont want to go unheard either... I just wish there was a way to make my life easier without feeling so alone all the time...


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  • Im a 15 year old male. There's someone in our band that's scitzofrenic and I didn't know it until he said it so you will probably be ok.

  • tell ur friends. this is a chanse to see how may REAL friends u have. i mean i had alot of friends in my school. how many o them were real friends? only 3 out of about 100.a real frindis one that helps u out, doesnt backstab u and is there for u. at the age of 13 i have experienced alot. my point is tell ur friends. it is to ur benifit

  • Freak out as much as possible dont tell anyone and if doc says you have it then use your chuck norris chin fist to knock the sense back into him ive been diagnosed for several other mental diseases but i ignore them all but i love the meds doc gives me

  • There are no such things as insane asylums any more, or locking you up. You can't be committed either. There is a lot of misconceptions about mental health facilities. My little brother suffered from schizophrenia, we cought it when he went into psychosis. He had to sign himself into the hospital and was only there for a sort time. He needs to take meds for a year but is doing. A lot better. I don't know if your worried about your condition, but all I can tell you if alot of people suffer from different types of metal illnesses some more visible then others. If you don't seek help chances are it's going to get worse. Talk to a counsellor at your school or go to your local health unit and they will keep everything confidential.


  • You should tell your dad, he needs to be there for you whatever happens. Also tell your friends you are going to get tested, they might help you relax over it. it's a simple procedure, don't expect the worst. however it should result you have schizophrenia, I assure you will learn to live with it. it will be a burden but it's a matter of self control. absolutely everything has a reason for being, don't be scared. if anything you need to be stronger than ever.

  • nah its not a problem unless doc says. there are many different kinds of it and you could have a form that isnt bad but they have medication and youd be fine unless you stop taking them

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