I am in love. The girl that I'm in love with, I hardly even knew. If you asked me a lot of questions about her I would get most of them wrong but still I'm in love. I think about her constantly and it's no joke. Ever since I met her there isn't a day that has past without at least one thought of her crossing my mind. My heart is broken in two. I love her so much and yet, I don't get to be with her. She doesn't like me even in the slightest now. I did some things that made her hate me. When I met her I happened to be in the worst part of my life. I wasn't in a good spot. I cut myself and I wasn't the most confident person. Of course, I would stand up for myself and for her. I would have seriously hurt anyone that hurt her. It didn't matter though. I was a messed up person. To her, I'm sure I seemed like a lost cause. I'm a lot better now. I'm a happy person, except for, well I'm sure you can guess. I'm even more in love with her now then I was 5 years ago, when we met but she loves someone else. I don't see anyone actually wanting to go out with me. She seemed like the closest chance I had to a life partner and now that she's gone, I just feel depressed and alone.

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