Me an the rest of the world


I got a confession,

i want to live in "my" own world.. coz i cant and i dont want to fit in in the real 1, i prefer playing wow to go out and socialise, i dont like social situations, i cant stay around people for longer then few hours if do i get nasty to ppl around me... even my gf, basically i built a sort of defensive wall between me and the rest of the world... .
so lately im changing a lot i cant recognize recognize my self no more... something is happening to me cant say what it is i cant stop it... and sadly i start to kind of like it ...

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  • - Most people feel this way. You are not special.

    - Learn something resembling English. You're not ESL, you're a native-born idiot who can't figure out their own language. I wish you lived in a world where no one could see evidence of your illiteracy.

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