Happily engaged... until

I am a happily engaged man. I met the love of my life five years ago, and we're going to get married next year. It's a fantastic relationship, and I love being in it. Oh yeah, but I'm also a bisexual.

Yeah, I find the odd guy vaguely attractive, but have always been far more attracted to women. Anyway, last week, I went on a cycling holiday with my dad, my three cousins, my brother-in-law and one of my Dad's employees, Mark.

Mark is 31 (year older than me), in a stable, long term gay relationship with his partner, incredibly masculine, and unfortunately for me, unbelievably sexy!

As the ride wore on over the six days, I found myself becoming more and more besotted with him. Let me tell you that this has not happened to me since I was 13, some 17 years ago!

Anyhow, one evening, I got very drunk and confessed to him that I was a bisexual. He was so nice about it and made me feel really normal. Unfortunately, I then propositioned him, but thankfully he said no, because he clearly had more integrity (And less booze!) than me.

The next day was a bit weird, then when I had to say goodbye to him the next day, it suddenly thunderstruck m that I had a whole lot of feelings for him. This last two days have been total torment. I live nearly 150 miles away from him, and I can't bear it :o(

I want to stay with my fiancee, but I'm just not sure if I csn anymore.

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  • Give it some time... If you're still feeling the same way in a week or two, then you should probably reconsider who you are with. Also perhaps talk to Mark about it. He sounds like the kind of guy who could give you some great advise.

  • Well Mark is in a relationship and turned you down. So not sure where you think your crush is going to go. But, maybe you should break up with your fiance, let her find a guy who won't cheat on her. And you can figure out what you want to do and who you want to be with. You're clearly not ready to be married. Sounds like you need to sow some oats.

  • ^^^ I completely agree with this person. Don't marry the girl.

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