Masochistic child

From as long as I remember,(including when I was a very young child) I would imagine myself getting tortured and enjoy it, before I fell asleep at night, I would imagine all kinds of crazy disgusting scenarios like me being whipped and killed and I would seriously like it.
I was never abused or molested as a child, I just thought it was exciting, and now it really disturbs me to know that I used to think like that at such a young age...

I'm 17 now and I think I might be a sexual m********, but I doubt that that was related to this.

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  • This guy who raped me is just worse then a child he is disgusting. he can't compare to the gyno or the young school seniors. he thinks he can and that is the joke, he is nothing like them. I might not even stand a chance with hot men like the gyno or senior but I can't put the rapist in the same group and the fools expects to be. how smoke dope can that loser get yet. someone bash him down for me please. anyone. bash the rapist down for me. let me live, let me be loved by someone better then him. please lord god.

  • Frankly i think ur just daft

  • I was a m******** too from a young age. But my fantasies never involved being tortured or killed. I just loved getting tied up. Even when I was 5 I would get erections from being tied up or imagining being turned into an inanimate object. I don't knowwhat would cause a child so young to have these fantasies. When you were young maybe you saw something on tv or something you don't remember that triggered it. In my case it may have been a verbally abusive mother. It sounds like you probably are a sexual m********. If you are there's nothing wrong with it and you definitely aren't alone.

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