I can't stop thinking about murder. I think about killing people all the time. I imagine driving out to the desert and killing a drifter. I imagine killing friends or family members. When I'm driving I picture running over a pedestrian or a bike rider. I get such a thrill out of fantasizing about murder. I don't think I'd ever do it, but I don't know for sure. I think about it an awful lot.

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  • Pray that you don't encounter me. I don't fantasize about killing people, but I do fantasize about giving people exactly what they deserve. And I'm very creative. :)

  • dont kill some one thats taking away an innocent persons life a person with a futare if you really really want to kill some one it should atleast be your self but please dont because think of your family and your friends you will leave behind maybe you should talk to a proffesional and seek help

  • Even if this is a joke, it's NOT a good sign!!!!

    Talk to a professional ASAP before you actually hurt someone...


  • i think you should talk to a professional

  • ^ its only gonna get better! Lol

  • ^ I lol'd.

  • Well, ladies and gentlemen, school is out, for like three months its.........


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    Be here, or be NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!

  • As long as you don't start killing your pets and such.

    Do you think you would have regret and remorse if you did? Perhaps you should talk to someone medically informed about you and your sociopath or psychopathic thoughts.

  • Well...
    *tries to think of something nice to say*

    Everybody should have a hobby. Enjoy what you do.

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