My p*** is sleeping people or people falling asleep. I never watch p*** (I don't think many women do it anyway) but I watch videos of people sleeping or going under hypnosis while I m*********. I videotape my fiancé when he sleeps and once I put a sleeping pill in the drink of my friend just to see her falling asleep while trying to talk to me and stay awake. It became an obsession: men, women, ugly or good looking I don't care. I recently got obsessed with the idea of watching at taping one of my colleagues falling asleep. He's so ugly! I don't have sexual attraction for him, I wouldn't f*** him, but the idea of watching him falling asleep got me so obsessed it's all I think about.

Jul 16, 2012

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  • I think it's a helplessness thing. My hot older sister would go out like a light from taking Tylenol. Yes, simple, stupid Tylenol put her out. I used it on her many times just to see her slipping into sleep land. She also had a habit of raising her arms above her head when she slept, opening her entire body up for fun. All due to Tylenol.

  • hmmm....I really have to think about your "obsession"...that is truly new to me...and I thought I had heard everything...I'm at a loss...sorry I can't help you.

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