Miles apart.

At the start if this year I met Jarry. We met by chance at a friends place for exactly 10 minutes. He was leaving to go back to New Zealand that night. but in those 10 minutes i felt a connection.
The next day he added me on facebook and asked for my number. it's been 5 months since we met. and we text each other quite often. Thing is i have fallen for this boy.
I know hes a million miles away and he doesn't believe in long distance relationships. I don't even think he likes me.
what do i do? how do i get him to fall for me over the internet? or should i forget it, move on and just stay friends with him?

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  • Leave is temporary feelings..after a year you definatly forget her

  • You're not at a place where you have to make a decision and jump off the fence to one side or the other. There's no rush. And honestly, there's not even a fence. Keep talking/texting, if that seems interesting and worthwhile, and simply see where it goes. It may go nowhere, and if so, you've lost nothing but a small amount of time. And if it goes somewhere (i.e., becomes something larger and more appealing), then so much the better. Don't feel like you have to decide right away, because you don't.

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