Emily is gorgeous.

When we were at our first dance last night we took a picture together. I put my hand on your sisters shoulder ( not wanting to be rude by touching her hip) and then I put my other hand on your shoulder. Oh my gosh, I thought I was going to die. Your hair was so perfect and soft, your perfume smelled great, your smile was perfect, your eyes sparkled in the dim light, and my hand was on your soft fragile shoulder. I couldn't believe this happened, I had no feeling in my body at all. You looked at me and smiled and I melted. I looked at the camera and smiled bigger than ever before, but nobody could tell because of my mask... stupid Halloween. Your friend took the picture and I felt the world pause you said "Um... I don't think it worked, do it again." I admit your sisters pretty, but she doesn't compare to you at all, you're like the worlds most precious diamond, you must be mine. I love you so much, Emily, I hope you know it... R.C. :)

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