High school girlfriend

I'm in my 30's, but every now and then I still fantasize about my first high school girlfriend when I m*********. She was tall, had big, firm b******, and was the best kisser I've ever known. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I never f***** her. She died in her early 20's so it was a possible opportunity that's gone forever. I don't picture what she would have looked like in her 20's when I j*** it, either. I picture her at 14. I don't feel guilty about it, but I'd never actually admit it to anyone.

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  • In my opinion ALL men are s** offenders ..
    Why do I make such a statement because every guy loves s** and if your
    young all the better!
    There are men who say oh no not me but the truth is if some young 11
    year old girl took her clothes off and jumped in your bed you would be
    banging her knowing this is wrong why because we don't care .
    Lets face it guys we bang anything that walks !

    Hey if a priest rapes a 8 year old boy and nothing happens to him then anything goes
    no boundary , no rules
    That is why God did the flood because our flesh is filled with sin

  • Aw, h*** YEAH.....I would totally bang that nasty b****!!!!

  • LOLOL Spread her legs until she snaps !

  • Alright then......she comes to my house, she finds a way to gain entrance, she strips off, and she jumps in my bed. Well, in that instance, I'd have to say yes, a series of really rude bangings would certainly follow. She would obviously want it and need it, and so I would absolutely give her what she wants and needs. Repeatedly.

  • Only rock stars get fans open and ready for the s** of there life in there bed or tour bus ...lol

  • God yes I would f*** her.

  • Same here. And twice on Sunday.

  • i'd like some too and i don't mind sloppy sevenths.....or whatever your up to now. send her to me.

  • The problem is not with the guys - it's with the law. Passing a law saying a woman is off limits until she is 18 isn't fair. If she's gone through puberty, which can be done by age 12 sometimes, she is ready for s**. Think of all of the other age laws on things, like drinking and smoking. Does that stop people from doing those things? No.

  • ^ just a couple of random stupid m************ ^

  • Bend over I will show u how to do it right

  • Practically every guy fantasizes about their middle school and high school crushes from time to time. And in their fantasies, those girls are still young. It's normal. In fact, in most other countries, and throughout most of history, a girl was considered marriage material once she had her period. Laws against wanting to bang a 14-year-old are just like laws against weed, passing the law doesn't stop the desire.

  • REPENT ( stupid typo )

  • You moralizing meatheads need to get over the idea that everything in the world is always perfectly clear-cut, and always comprises exactly what you think you see. This poster has given no one any reason to think or say he's a pedophile, or that he's masturbating to underage girlS (plural): he is simply reminiscing about one particular girl who was important in his life, and he thinks of her as being the age she was when they were together. Your objections to his post are incredibly poorly reasoned and incredibly poorly expressed (and, yes, even incredibly poorly typed). All of you who object to his post need -- to borrow a phrase -- to REPENT.

  • Would u think that was normal to hear some dude who dated his daughter at 14 is now an adult and is masturbating his dead daughter ?
    Dude go depend your a sinner and need help !

  • Sorry to hear about the death. what killed her?

  • A drunk driver hit her. Killed her instantly.

    And no, I'm not a pedophile. In fact, the last three women I've dated have been a few years older than me. Just remembering, is all.

  • I am sorry to hear she died due to a drunk driver
    I'm glad your not a pedophile but when you said your masturbating when she was 14 that is underage , young and innocent .

    Try jerking off girls over 18 buddy boy

  • U sound like a pedophile

  • Jesus, don't be a f****** moron: he's just remembering, and has no intention of acting on any present-day desire.

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