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I'm 26 and I can't love anyone I just don't care at times anymore. A dog shows more love then a human. I've got no job, I'm broke, I'm living with my mother and her damn boyfriend. I need to get out of this place. I'm always embarrassed because I'm bisexual.. S***. I'm tired of this crap I wanted to join the Army but I don't even have a ged. The time for change is now. It's 2018, I just don't know where to begin. If anyone knows of a good job where I start to earn a little money please let me know! I would get a job at a mcdonalds or even as a dishwasher but I have serious anxiety issues. That is why I don't work and am always locked in this room. I've noticed my moms "friend, is not liking that I'm here paying no rent and eating for free. I can't blame him. All my friends have moved on and I'm glad for them. I'm the only one that hasn't done s*** in his life. I have a daughter but I rarely see her when I don't have anything to offer it's like she doesn't exist to me. What do I do? I'm lost and I never ask for help but I need advice. I don't know what else write but thank you for reading my post I guess. I had more written down but accidentally deleted it.


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  • You are the problem. You don't do anything, nor try to better yourself, yet you want everyone to feel sorry for You? L****, go get a f****** GED, or do something, anything. If you don't want to, than shut the f*** up because the rest of the world just doesn't give a crap about someone who won't help themself.

  • Find a frigging job! Just start flooding your town with resumes and something will happen for you. Also. live with your mother as long as she will keep you. Save your money now and be ready to move out when the time comes. You kids have been dealt an impossible economic set of circumstances. It's not your fault! You just need to start earning and saving money now! Also, your mom's boyfriend has no right to try to push you out of the house. How dare that b****** even try to throw you to the curb! Your mom should definitely have your back on this issue. So for now, just stay put, get a job and save money! It's that simple.

  • Anxiety and depression are vicious cycles, feedback loops. You get anxious and depressed, therefore you don't go out and do things that better your life, making you even more anxious and depressed. Too many people spiral into that hole and never return.

    Don't be one of those people. You have to choose to leave your comfort zone. You have to train yourself not to trigger your anxiety. You have to work every day so that necessary parts of living, like going out in public or work, don't become fearful nightmares. Don't give into your limitations and accept them. Fight them. Get professional help if you cannot do it alone. Complacency is the enemy.

  • One idea is to start with getting your GED. That could be a first goal. While you are living with your mom contribute in other ways. Clean, help cook meals, run errands and do things without being asked. Definitely reach out and see your daughter, you are an important person in her life. You may not have money right now, bit you have time. And that can help your ex so she can visit with friends and get some me time. Ask your doctor about anxiety and depression you are experiencing. You can't do everything at once. Take it one day at a time. You are where you are and that's ok. Set mini goals for yourself and do a little each day. You will get there. Stay positive!

  • Thank you, for your advice.

  • Keep going and dont give up. Please respond too me....

  • Thank you, I'm not giving up.

  • Please look after yourself. There are group meetings you can attend with people who suffer with similar issues. You can start with small steps and i say this from experience. Im going too meetings for anxietie and depression from things that happend in my past and im afraid most days off liveing. But please look after yourself and you have a child and have a chance too show her love. Dont loose this oppurtunitie in life were ever you are. Be kind too yourself and do small things. Sorry for my spellings as i left school at thirteen. But besides all other things. Do kind and small things for yourself and others. One day at a time and little steps will bring you on a journie. Friend....

  • Sitting in a locked roiom gives you too much time to think..."networking" ,I believe will work for you too .get cleaned up dress up , look as good as you can..what I mean is not your level of attractiveness..but look neat and we'll groomed .then get outta that house and go volunteer at animal shelters , homeless shelters , old folks homes churches community centers ect..help somebody with something and you will feel better physically and mentally , you self esteem will rise which will be reflected in your body language ,voice ,demeanor.ect and you will meet potential employers..you are in a mess and you gotta fix it..I would love to meet you I'd probably ask you out.try and sweep u off your feet and be your knight in shining armor..but your happiness comes from the inside ..not any other person..try and concentrate on the good and the bad..well it's your future that's important not the past..good luck and if you will ,, go look in the mirror and give yourself a big sexy wink for me ;-)

  • Thank you.

  • I realy hope your ok and post me anytime..

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