Maybe my ex still feels something for me...

When we broke up, he friend-requested all my friends, family members, and people that I introduced him to... I don't know why he wanted to be friends with my friends... He never ever showed any interested in doing so... At least, not after we broke up.

He also was always trying to keep in touch, and was very insistent that the best thing for us was to become friends. I didn't think it was such a good idea, but I said: "sure! why not?". I had a feeling he wasn't really over me... He would call me and ask me to meet him at a coffee shop, to "hang out", but would end up apologizing for the things he did wrong. He also would get close to me, and put his arm around me... I then realized he still had feelings for me.

Then, when he saw that I was indifferent to his advances ("refusing" would be the right word, not "indifferent"), he changed his tone, and basically started to show me pictures of girls that he liked or was interested in. I always told him that I was very happy for him, that the girls he liked were cute, and didn't show any signs of jealousy.

On the other hand, he knew I was dating someone, and would call me to "congratulate" me on my new "conquest". Then, he would ask questions about him, and give the weirdest and most inappropriate advice: "you should leave him, I think he's not your type...".

I told everyone who added him to erase him from their friend's list, and everyone did, except my cousin, that honestly liked my ex. I was very angry at my cousin, because he refused to follow my recommendations (my cousin and I are not that close).

After a while, I got tired of my ex's attempts to make me jealous, and pretensions of being my friend so he could sabotage me. After "the incident", where he invited me to the movies ALONE, and I agreed to go because he wanted me to celebrate one of his supposed achievements in his field of interest, I noticed his intentions were dubious... He was flirting more than he was before, and was the epitome of a gentleman.. I knew something was wrong, because his tone and attitude were still so misleading and confusing... I noticed anger in his voice... The next morning I call him to thank him for the invite, and he immediately said: "I'm going out with someone, I'm sorry..." I stopped being his friend, immediately, after telling him that I don't play games, and that what he did was disrespectful of his new girlfriend... That I felt uncomfortable all night because of the fact that he didn't invite anyone else... and wanted to be alone with me.

I didn't wanted to keep in touch... I felt he was trying to get his revenge, because I was the one that broke up with him (on his birthday...) But I would still, on occasion, bump into him, and say hi. Later on, I decided to ignore him, because he would not give up on his attempt of getting revenge.

But still, he would always try to get my attention by sending me text messages, where he appeared to be drunk, and somehow, communicated ambiguous "feelings"... I never answered a single message. I kept ignoring him to this day, because I find his attempt for revenge kind of childish.

But lately, when I run into him, he tries too hard to get noticed by me... It's like he wants to talk to me, and for me to talk to him, but I said to him once or twice: "I will NEVER call YOU". This was more than two years ago.

He was still in my cousin's facebook until two or three days ago, until I wrote some comments on my cousin's wall. Soon after I posted, he deleted my cousin from his friend's list.

I am glad he finally did this!!! That was all I wanted, really. But I wonder, if he deleted my cousin from fb because he could see my comments and see my picture... I would like to know, out of curiosity. I used to see his comments on my cousin's links, and it never really bothered me.

My questions are: why did he erase my cousin after all this time? Why now? Is he still mad? Why is he still mad? I'm asking myself out of curiosity how he feels... and why he did this after all this time. Did he get over me? I really hope so...

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  • Seriously... You think too much!! As they say... Why ask why? Be glad it's over wth. And please continue on your path of not being caught up in games... Cause it sounds like you're caught up now in playing yourself.

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