Every chick flick that comes out is some woman that is with a man cheats on him, then ends up with the "right" man.

When a man cheats on a woman in the movies ..... well its all his fault.

b****** ALLWAYS have to have it their way.

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  • Welcome to the Double Standard. Try pointing it out to them.
    See how far that gets you! lol

  • When will men learn. All women are b******. ALL OF THEM! It makes absolutely no difference what the movies or the TV shows say, a million Nora Ephrons can come and go, we can have another billion years of women's lib and evolution,******. Every single m************ one of them. ALL OF THEM!

  • All incels are bitter, loudmouthed little basement dwellers who can't touch a living woman without written permission from their adult daycare provider. ALL OF THEM!

  • I agree. The women in movies are all noble beings suffering under the oppression and ignorance of men. It makes me nauseous to see that, particularly when I meet so many horrid, selfish, petty little shrews who want nothing more in their lives than to latch onto a man and bleed him dry. They are garbage. But unfortunately, they aren't the kind of garbage that the city will pick up at the curb if you leave them out.

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