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A good friend of mine and I share his wife, One night while out at the bar they got separated and she went off to another bar with some friends, after the bar me and him went to their place and she was already home in bed so he woke her up and after much convincing we tag teamed her. A month or so went by until I seen her again but me and him were at a sports pub and he told me she wanted me to come over again, I said no...Yeah right, We tagged her again and after that it kind of became a regular thing, We would go back to their place and nail her together until one night he was out of town and called me.
He asked what I was doing, I told him I was sitting at home and he said his wife wanted me to go over there, I felt a bit weird about it but who could turn that down, We spent the whole night and half of the next day banging in every room, Every position, and on every piece of furniture in the place. He came to my place a few days later and I expected him to be angry or something but he was totally cool with it, He works out of town a lot and told me he would rather have a friend banging her than a stranger which is what would probably happen if he left her alone as much as he does, He basically asked me to keep his wife warm while he is away and I was glad to oblige, She is good looking, Great build with big soft b****.
She loves to bang hard and loves it when he is home so we can tag her.

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  • I have shared my wife with many men, and some when I was out of town. I love hearing her over the phone, begging them to f*** her harder, and how wonderful his c*** was.

  • F** the begruggers....

  • Greedy basterd.....

  • I’ve shared my wife with my brother and he shared his wife with me one night after a party and they were both so drunk they couldn’t walk. We lived next door to each other so he walked my wife to our house and I went to his.

  • The Marshall brothers .
    Kelly and Emma I presume?! Emma has some lovely floppy t****** mmmmm

  • Kind off. you.

  • I think I've got piles atm, but I've changed my diet and things are getting better.
    Anyway,last night in bed,I itched my ringpiece and then sniffed my finger, it smelt of sweaty a.r.s.e
    For some reason,I kept on sniffing it.
    Eventually I put it in my mouth. Had a fuzzy taste to it,kinda hard to explain,but like the fuzziness you get from eating sloe berrys .
    I also enjoy mackerel fillets in a tin.
    Asda do some good flavours,Thai green, curry, tomato,BBQ and the standard olive oil and brine ones.
    Sainsburys do a delicious spicy tomato one.
    Today is Sunday,if I was religious I'd go to church.
    But I'm not,so I don't know what I'm going to do.
    I might buy a paper and do the crossword,or have a wander to the quayside and have some chips with plenty of salt and vinegar.
    I've got a pet cat,I like itching her back and she goes all crazy and spazzes out,but recently I've found out that essentially I've been w.a.n.k.i.n.g her off😓 but she has been less aggressive so it did some good.
    Right now on the radio its she's like the wind ,and its such a crappy song, ever think about songs from the 80's and imagine the pubic state of the female singer? I do.
    Nena (99 red balloons) I imagine had a delicious power bulge between her legs.
    Google her now,at 50 something she's still insanely hot!!
    Good god..... Dont stop believing has now come on the radio.
    I used to like it until Glee ruined it.
    Glee was only good for the hot brunette Jewish chick and the other hot slu.ts 😋
    Wasn't it funny how that Cory dude on there ended up being a paedo,then killed himself before going to trial! Good riddance to the dirty b***** I say!
    Only way is up is now playing btw.
    Anyone else find that their boxers get holes in them right where your ringpiece is?? Must be my farts,that's the only explanation I can think of? Just months of constant gas filtering through the cotton haha!

  • Oh man I wanna get inside your brain 😅

  • Da fuq?! N***** you ok?

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