I like an older man...

I work in a kitchen at a nursing home, and in the whole building there are maybe 6 men working there. In my department, we're all girls.
So anyway, one day, this male nurse comes to the kitchen asking for something for a patient. He leaves and I immediately go to my best friend (who I am fortunate enough to be working with) and start babbling about cute he is. I mean come on, he's just my type: dark hair, dark eyes, dimples, cute in the face.
And she (of course) has to tell everyone in the kitchen. I get the normal teasing, whatever, I can deal with that.
Later, everyone's on break but my best friend and I stay behind like always to clean up a little and get ready for the next round of work. Then, everyone else comes back saying to me, "Guess who we saw outside?!"
And I'm like, "Who?"
"Your man. He knows you like him."
Now... this wouldn't have been so embarrassing if he hadn't been a good 12 years older than me and replied with a "I could change her damn diaper."
I. Wanted. To. Die.

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  • Not me baby, I would have ripped your clothes off and started by sucking on t*** then finally inserting my c*** in you.

  • Reply cooly that you know how girls can gossip and you only said you "guessed" you thought he was cute. just pretend its no big deal

  • Do not feel embarrassed. We are humans, all of us like somebody, it is normal. That man was a bit stupid to refuse your attention. I certainly would not have done this, but used the opportunity you gave me. 12 y younger girl is an excellent gift to every men. Something can be wrong with him.

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