Mixed signals

I like this guy a lot,I really do.He used to like me but that was way back.Now,I'm starting to have feelings for him.We went out to watch a movie together with my friend and her boyfriend.They called us cute and stuffs but I was so shy.He confessed to me that his friends kept on pairing us up and called us a cute couple.(when he said that he was totally blushing).But I said the wrong thing.I guess he thinks that im friend zoning him.I payed for the movie but he insisted to pay back.Well,I'm too shy to take a person's money so I said he should pay in another way.We met the day after and promised to hang out and he will pay me back by taking me to a dinner.I'm confused because he gave me mixed signals,does he like me?

Mar 25, 2016

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  • The way you describe this, it is a natural fate that put you two together. I must agree with her below ; spend time with him & he will take the lead. It appears that he will make you a very happy girl..

  • The dinner offer is what cinches it, at least for me. If he didn't like you "that way" he would not invite you to dinner. He wants to spend time with you and only you, so let him have his wish, which fortunately is also YOUR wish. Go with him. Be with him. Enjoy him. And allow him to enjoy you, too. Good luck.

  • I think he does. I know it's hard but try to relax and just act like you act around everybody else.

  • Yes, he clearly does. You needn't fall overboard, carrying that knowledge with you, but just hang out with him and be yourself and let him see that. Everything will be wonderful. Best wishes!

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