In love

I am with this guy. he loves me and i love him too. but my ex is in love with me too. there are still feelings for my ex but not as much as before. i really want things to work out with the guy i am with now. i still talk to my ex as good friends. what should i do?

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  • If you love two people at the same time choose the second one because if you really loved the first one you wouldnt have fallen for the second.(Johnny Depp)

  • stop talking to your ex.. trust me. If you love this man you are with now just break it off.. you cant be "friends" if there are still feelings. I went through something similar. I stopped talking to my ex, it was hard but after a few months i totally stopped thinking about him on the regular basis i was, and it allowed me to fall even more in love with the man i am with now. now when i run into my ex, just a simple 'hello, how are you' and on with our day.

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