I'm in love with my close friend

She is one of my closest friends, maybe even best friend. I've loved her since I met her in 8th grade. That might seem young, but we are juniors in highschool. We actually went out freshmen year but it was short lived. I thought I was over it but the feelings have resurfaced. I care about her more than anything, and id do anything for her. And dont give me the "obsessed" bit. ** isn't my focus whatsoever. I love her personality, her humor, her smile. I love her. I'm just stuck like this because I dont think I want to risk our friendship by telling her anything. It hurts not being able to tell her how I feel but it would be worse to not have her in my life. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.

Next Confession

I just want a gamer guy :(

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  • Just stay friends, chances are this won't last forever and o you will find someone later on.

  • Tell Her.

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