My two greatest pleasures in life

My two greatest pleasures in life are s** and smoking and I love them almost equally. Many men don't like the fact that I smoke but I couldn't care less. There are more than enough that love my smoking and would do anything and give anything to be with me.

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  • So cool! Im just the same :)

  • Find yourself a smoking fetishist, like me, (and a lot of men) and you'll be golden.

  • For most women, smoking is just gross. A disgusting habit/addiction. But for a small number of women, it really is just a joy to behold. For them, smoking is intensely sensual and beautiful. It's almost like an art form.

  • I had a stepsister who was six years younger than me. A very beautiful and incredibly sexy creature, and I had a secret -- and entirely unrequited -- crush on her from when my mom was dating and then married her dad. [I was married the whole time, but I still wanted her and even fantasized about leaving my wife for her . . . and I would have done it, had she been even slightly interested in the idea.] After smoking for less than 15 years, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and then died. Trust me: there was noting pretty or sexy about any of that. Not everyone that smokes gets cancer, of course, but the odds are stacked against you. My feeling is that your own beauty and sexuality have NOTHING to do with cigarettes, and that you could attract men (maybe even more than you're attracting now) if you just put the cigarettes down permanently. Make it a New Year's Resolution, and then do it. Get professional help if you need it, or try the over-the-counter cures. But just please, stop smoking. It's not as attractive as you think it is.

  • COPD

  • Check back with us in a couple years when you're carrying around one of those little oxygen canisters everywhere you go, and when you can't make it from the bed to the bathroom without gasping for air. Let us know how sexy you feel then.

  • It's been my experience that women that smoke are always better in bed than women that don't smoke. Always. And it's not even a close call.

  • What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?

  • Most often, it's Marlboro Light 100s (I like the all-whites because they show off my lipstick stains so sensually), but occasionally I'll go with a Newport, and sometimes I like the different look of a More. However, if the man I'm seeing at the time prefers something else, I smoke whatever pleases him most. I want my smoking to get him hard. Really hard. HARD. So I'll smoke whatever gets him there. Because, like they say.......a hard man is good to find. :) Thanks for asking.

  • Do you leave lipstick rings around the c**** of the guys you like to suck?

  • Just the thought of your lipstick stained filters gets me hard!

  • I wish there was a way you could post photos of you smoking with your red lips. I would m********* to that!

  • Thank you for those very VERY sweet comments, darling. I can see that you are likely one of those wonderful men who are aroused by the sight of an ashtray filled to overflowing with cigarette butts all stained with a deep shade of red lipstick. I can't post photos (so sorry, darling), but I can make you dream, so dream this: as I stub out a cigarette in that ashtray, with the filter-tip smeared red, I am already lighting a fresh one, and as I do so, I begin to slowly exhale the smoke directly into your face as I sit straddling your lap. I ask if this pleases you, but then I feel you harden through your pants, against my inner thigh, and I say, "Oh, never mind my've already given me my answer, haven't you?" And then I tongue kiss you deeply, sharing the deep husky flavor with you, and I grind against your erection. But then again, dear, with what's happening between our legs and between our lips............that wonderful erection isn't yours: it's now mine. Is it not?

  • Smoking is pretty nasty, and I was a smoker for almost 20 years. Your skin smells (it comes out your pores), you age prematurely, you can have tooth/gum issues, and lord knows your lungs take a beating. There is nothing sexy about it, and you would be healthier if you quit. Just my two cents.

  • I do understand, but I feel so much sexier when I'm smoking, and the men I want the most all seem to share that perspective. None of us is going to live forever: I say we should enjoy ourselves while we're here, and c**** and cigarettes are the best way to accomplish that result. :)

  • What a coincidence! Smoking and f****** are also my two greatest pleasures in life.

  • Welcome to the club! :)

  • Being with a sweet loving woman I could over look the smoking.

  • :) I think you would find me very loving. Thank you!

  • I think a woman smoking is sexy. Sorry to say it but I do. I even had a Lady friend that would smoke during or_l just to turn me on

  • I appreciate your attitude. Yes, I think smoking can be sexy, too, and I frequently use that to attract or keep a man. You were lucky to have such an accommodating partner. I know you loved her. And I know she loved you. I'm sure of it.

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