Picking on wimps makes me happy

I am only 9th grade. I am big for my age. I love best picking on wimps. I love it when I see them scared that is all the time when they see me and I put on my mean face and make those wimps get all chicken and afraid like they saw a werewolf or somethin.

When I trip a kid in class. When I shove a kid againsts a locker. When I beat up a kid after school. All that s*** makes me feel good like some kids feel good playing spirts wen they shoot a basked or hit homerum. Picking on wimps is my sport. When I make some weak ass kid cry I am in heaven and it make me high all day and I so much love it.

I wish I could get a job when I am a grown up that would let me pick on people and beat them up. Maybe I will be a cop and get paid to pick on people. I could do that good.

Jun 20, 2012

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  • I wonder what makes a person be like you?

  • I'f i werebyou parents then i would whooooooop your bare ass

  • Fucken lil h*** how would you like it if i just came to your house and had a big fat s*** on your floor c*** would you try bet me up like you do them lil boys na i dont think so ill grab that s*** and ram it down your gob and make you choke onit you lil bully c***.

  • Wow we got a bad ass over here thinking this little P**** can beat up some poor defensless kid F*** you.

  • B**** who u think u kiddin u knew u the one who didnt show up. Wat ur momma wouldnt let u out that late? B**** we were waitin inmy turf like u agreed to meet me. U know u were scared shitless u wud have gotten ur ass kicked to china b**** u still gonna be my b****

  • I live near Montclair NJ. You takin s*** makes me want to come out and kick your ass. You think u big man? Meet me at Edgemont Park on Valley Rd this weekend we see who is big man!!! You be cryin u little p**** talkin bout beatin up whimps we gonna see who the wimp is. Let me know what time this weekend is good for you p****.

  • Say what??? u want to get yur s*** ass beat, pussie b****. No. I think u want to suck my d***. Yeah,that is how you do. Believe me stupid s***, you don't want this. F*** yur Edgemont bulshit. Meet at George Washington Field at 1AM Mondae mornin, and come yur stinky ass alone less u scared p**** m*********** wimp which I knw you are.

    PS suck my d***.

  • F** u little p****. Ur going to me at my turf on Edgemont and im gonna kick ur bitchy little p**** ass. Ur gonna b down on the ground getting your ass kciked begging for mercy. The only sucking going on gonna be ur sicking my d*** u little p**** s***.

  • f** u a****** u gonna get the s*** kicked out of ur bitchy little scrawny ass.

  • B****, please. I hit u so hard your future children come out with busted faces.

  • U dont show up i'm gonna find u u show everyone what a coward u are. U think u big man u gonna see who the little b**** is b**** boy. Bring a lot of tissues cus u gonna cry ur eyes out b**** boy. U gonna be my b**** little p**** b**** boy. Yeah u gonna suck my d*** boy. U gonna squeal like a pig

  • whar wer u m*********? I waited till 2AM and yur chickenshit ass never showed? I knew you would be a scared b****. I am only 9th grade and you p**** you chicked out. But good think yur ass would have been beat to s*** by this big bad ass kid.

    P.S. Suck my d***, b****!

  • I went there too. I was just a little late tho. Like 6.2 years.

  • You do not wan t any of this. I am so tough i can beat up boys in the twelfth grade cause all ready Im bigger an way stronger then them because I also can lift lots of wights. I hit you one time you go down and I bust yur stupid face like smashed up punpkin. I promise, dickface.

    P.S. Hey chickenshit you near Montclair Jersey? If are I find you and kic yur stupid ass.

  • BULLY.

  • Wimp!

  • When I was a kid I was one of those whimps that you love to beat up. I got picked on, tripped and pushed into lockers daily. My life was a living h***. I'm still scarred by it. I'm glad I made all those kids who loved to push me around happy. I'm glad I get to see how big I made those kids feel. Guess what those kids you push around are human beings. They have feelings. They may be smaller and weaker but they are better people than you because they don't get off on hurting others. I'm glad you feel good about yourself because no one else ever will. Being able to push people around will only get you so far in life. One of these days you'll push the wrong person around and end up with a kinfe in your throat. Hopefully the person who does that to you will get an even bigger kick it out of it than you do now.

  • Karma's a b**** bro....you are gonna find that out when you end up working for one of those "wimps". And you will...you are in the 9th grade and can't even spell "basket", or homerun". Loser.

  • Suck my peepee, pizzahead.

  • I think you're probably one of those wimps who gets beat up by the big kids. If what you say is true than you need more help than the kids you pick on. You obviously feel so weak that picking on others makes you feel better. That kind of disturbance makes people pity you not fear you. You are more pathetic than the little kids you pick on.

  • why pick on wimps try picking on someone your own size p**** that just shows how weak you are if i knew who you were i would f*** you up bro... b****

  • Whoa. Big man. I am so fraid of some p**** talkin big behind computir. You probably some skinny nerd who aint got s***. You see me and my mean face you run like chicken. I know this.

  • F*** up man you will get you ass kicked badly I bet if a someone said something like this you would cry punk ass p**** have fun in h***

  • Suck my peepee, power!

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