Young love...?

I'm a 28 year old guy and recently went with some friends to a b-day party. There I met an amazing girl and both of us connected instantly. She's smart, down to earth, cute in various ways with looks to match. We ended up just holding each other throughout a cold winter night in front of a fire and talking with other people around us (mind you, if they weren't there, we would've talked a lot less).

The following day I discovered that she is only 16! I would never have guessed it, but now she has a huge crush on me and I just don't think it'll work. I want to tell her she is just too young, well according to social norms anyways.

The bad thing is that I she is really hot and have imagined all kinds of sexual things between us, but I know it's not right (even though where I live 16 is a legal age!). Sometimes I think I'd just want to bend her over a table and take her from behind, pushing her full of s****. Or just spreading her legs and f****** her until she begs me to stop!

I know I should probably not be thinking this, but what can you with such young love...?


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  • Ht it, bro

  • Just wait 2 more years, in the meantime bang other broads for practice.

  • Was thinking the exact same thing, will wait till she's 18 and if things are solid and then I'll go for it.

  • Hey, if it's legal where you are, go for it. It's not "wrong" unless she's genuinely not ready for it, but it seems like she's pretty into you. Go forth and conquer indeed, my friend!

  • *MistaJ

  • Go forth and conquer!

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