My Mother-in-law

I have been wanting my wife's mother for about 5 years. She lives right beside us.I call her Sunshine.She is about 20 years older than me.She and her husband split up off and on a lot.I never really thought about her sexually until she told me one time that it had been like 5 years since she had s**.Every since then it's been on my mind.She is a big women with short dark hair.She says her life is miserable.I know if she could have an intense o***** she would chill out some.We got real close for a while and she clearly put the vibe out that she wanted me.But the fact is that even though i have these thoughts about having s** with her.The only way i would do it is if she initiated it.She is a very shy person when it comes to things like that.I know it will probably never happen which is a good thing.But if she came onto me I don't think I could resist her.Every time i'm around her i get butterflies in my stomach.I guess it the forbidden type fantasy that makes her so hot.It's one of those thoughts I keep stuffed deep and locked away.I hope by confessing this these thoughts will cease.

Aug 3, 2012

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  • Eh, not likely... i feel like your confessing it just in hopes someone will say something that makes you feel like you have the go ahead...
    Well... dont. Its your mother in-law! What about your wife!? what do you think she would feel if she found out she had been betrayed by the two people she loves most in the world?
    You mother inlaw is most likely just lonely, and if youre the only significant male presence in her life right now, then youre an easy receptical for her wayward desires. DO NOT GIVE IN! Likelyhood is she doesnt really feel anything significant, and its just convenience in her rough times, and once its done everyone will regret it and you risk hurting your wife irrepairably.

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