Change of plans

After planning an evening with my friends wile the wife is out of town, my wife's best friend informed me I could attend a comedy show with her. So with the hopes of seducing her I cancelled the plans with my friends.

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  • Yeah, sure, go ahead and sleep with your wife's friends while your wife is away... thats totally manly, respectful, classy and a damn fine idea!
    Imagine if your wife did this to you. You're away, she goes to a comedy show with a friend of your and ends up having her brains banged out by him... and apparently doesnt have a second thought about how dishonest and direspectful it is. Classy, right? A total turn on, i know! Pfft...
    Truth though, the girls invited you to a comedy show... its hardly a pair of panties wadded up in an envelope or something, it could be entirely innocent. And then more fool you when you try something on, she refuses, and then tell your wife what you tried.
    Well done sir, well done.

  • I agree with the first poster. She's sending you a signal, and you should totally go for it and see what happens -- it may be nothing, but it could become something totally totally fabulous and long-lasting and life-altering. And if you don't go for it, YOU WILL ALWAYS REGRET IT!

    Have fun with this woman. She wants it.

  • f*** her hard

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