I despise my bipolar ex

I hate my bipolar ex boyfriend and now I just can't fathom dealing with bipolar people. I want to avoid them as much as possible! He drove me insane, lied and cheated, was selfish and had the worst case of selective memory I have ever seen! He gets highs and lows, uses it as an excuse to belittle me, then tries to get me back just to leave me again. He is also a chronic pothead who stays high every hour that he is awake. I hope I never see him again.

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  • There's a very big chance the drugs are what is causing his bipolar-esque symptoms, or emphasising an underlying condition. I'm guessing your use of the word means it is a confirmed condition with him?
    Yeah, bipolars are difficult to deal with, admittedly, i am aware of that what with being one... if you want to leave him, leave him, dont think that just because he has a condition you are somehow obliged to put up with his behaviour, its not an excuse. If you want to stay with him, take action to get him treatment, particularly rehab as weed is a BIG contributory factor to bipolarism and schizophrenia, especially if the condition is already present.
    And i swear to god if anyone decides to reply to me here telling me weed "doesnt affect mental illness" im going to get real angry. I'm a professional psychologist, there is just no arguing with facts and numbers... show me any refuting study you want, i will show you just as many that confirm it, if not more.

  • Hey Mr psychologist, I am a nurse, not a doctor but still I'd like to argue this point with you. i have a friend that has a 7 year old daughter that suffers ADHD. Her doctor put her on that terrible drug called Ritalin. What a disgrace that f*cking drug is. I talked her into teaching her daughter to smoke joints to curb that and i works a treat. Ok smoking marijuana may cause psychosis and in some cases it does, there's no denying that. Consider this though, Ritalin causes psychosis too, and has caused my friend's daughter's nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, dizziness, skin rash, sweating and tingling. Are tyiou going to be an advocate for getting Ritalin off the market. At least my friend's daughter can attend family gatherings even though they've accepted her smoking blunts at BBQs etc, she's a different girl with it and has about 3 joints a day.

  • hmmm...he is definitely toxic

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