I'm pretty sure I have bipolar - I realised today that I go through long term (eg months) periods of mania and depression. The only weird thing is that I also have shorter periods of mania and depression within these periods that often have a trigger (eg being around the guy I'm in love with can trigger mania but then later on realising I can't have him triggers depression) but these short periods' lengths differ based on whether I'm currently in a long term mania or depression.
Is this normal for someone with bipolar? I seem to match all the symptoms on every official website I've looked at (apart from suicidal urges which I do get but resist really easily because my best friend is suicidal and I know how badly it affects her friends and family - ive stayed awake past a reasonable hour many times because she says she's giving up) but none of them mention this. Please, anyone who's qualified, (knows someone who) has bipolar or even has a general knowledge of it: help me?

Nov 21, 2015

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  • Your in love with a schmuck - dump him and you'll feel better!

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