I love you, But I only want you to be happy.

I'm 14 and a guy. And i know people are goinna think"'you're 14, get over it" but i cant. At first it started as a crush. Over time she started hanging out with me and being the nicest person i know. She and i could be weird together. After a while, i told her how i liked her. She was okay with it. I was happy i told her. Now its 4 years later and i still like her. They say is a crush lasts 4 motlnths, your in love. If thats true then im screwd haha.she and i are still friends though. Best friends, i guess. I now know that she liked me, but only a little bit. For about 3 months, i would tell her that i love her every night, and she to me. I told her how it frusterates me that i like her but i dont think i would be a good boyfriend. I dont care that im not her boyfriend. Just that shes safe and okay. Anyway, she has a new boyfriend now. She kept calling me to ask if i was okay and if i cared. I said im great. And i dont care that your dating him, and that i love her. I hope she has a good relationship. But if he so much as lays a finger on her and hurts her, i will drop that son of a b****.

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  • How cute :3
    You love her enough to let her go....hopefully it's all worth it in the long run!

  • don't be a schmuck....move one...NEXT!

    Schmuck, a Yiddish word, has a range of meaning depending on context. In its most innocuous use, a schmuck is a person who does a stupid thing (like pining after some old girl), in which case "dumb schmuck" is the appropriate expression. Schmuck also means j***, an annoying person..

  • Ow thats so sweet haha

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