Finally, i derived meaning for my life from this forum

Actually, this confession do not come under s** category only...but also applies equally to other sins i have done in past

I confess, i tried to do all that horrible stuff you people are commenting about & i don't want to speak about it again. as my story is also similar like most of you people . yes i did had some awkward weird fantasies & also i tried to do bring it into reality. But at the same time, i also knew it was wrong[ & i guess everybody feels the same way]. But after reading posts of all you people, i understood something. I derived something for life. & it was amazing. i guess this conclusion of mine will bring changes in me & transform me into a good hear-ted person again.

conclusions i drew are,

1) Everybody is same. They have done h*** lot of mistakes & so did i[ because we are human beings after all]. But it doesn't mean that we don't have a second chance. So i will give myself a fresh start & I'll try to be a good person from now onwards.

2) people talk about f****** their sisters. & I'll tell you, am here because i google-d it, so that i can bring my fantasy into reality. But after reading about 30-40 posts, i realized that most of the people say "we brother sisters are like best friends" but we still want to have s** & not at the cost of loosing relationship.
so what i think is, there are h*** lot of brothers who want to sleep with a girl & sisters who want a f***. So just try to hook-up with someone Else's sister or brother. Then you can get what you want without being ashamed of doing sin like this. plus it will increase your social skills :D

3) so i drew my conclusion. I will try my best not to bring such horrible thoughts into my mind again. & sure I'll not leave to flirt with other girls(after all em a boy, but respecting their feelings).

and don't get mad at me that em blaming all others for continuing these things. I still respect your feelings as i also have gone through same stages. But this is my view of perception towards this confession post ;). So what is yours.!!??


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  • Please marry me, you incredible genius.

  • What the f***? You make no sense.

  • HA??

  • what the f*** are you jabbering about?

  • this reall helpful! THANK YOU!

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