I turn up rap music in my car to annoy

I turn up rap music in my car to annoy people. It works.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • GnR for me!!!

  • I used to do that all the time and i hated rap. Now i can say that i am honestly addicted to it. :)

  • lol me too

  • That's the only reason rap exists. That plus getting all the n***** and wiggas to spend their money so company owners get rich and can laugh at your guillable ass.

  • sometime it gets people to drive faster on the highway too some people just really don't want to hear that s***

  • f*****

  • Get a life

  • you must be my son matt

  • ...and you'll also get to annoy all the people that have to repeat themselves when speaking to you because you're deaf.

  • It would annoy me.

  • I've found it works too, it especially annoys old people when they are sitting beside you at the traffic lights ;)

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