I hate white guys that listen to rap/hip-hop.

Every damn white guy rap/hip hop fan I come across, whether IRL or on the internet, have been THE biggest jerks I've ever come across. I've never had a boyfriend for this very reason because all the guys where I live are douchebags who blast their music to deafening levels and think they can be a gangsta like Tupac or Lil Wayne with all this "swagger" crap. Give me a guy who likes rock music ANY DAY, even if he eats the brains of babies and anally violates kittens with his huge whitesnake.

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  • Yeah your right most people don't take white boys serious if they listen to rap/hip hop music and try to act like a gangsta, but you have to understand that teenage boys are not men their more like little boys lost in their own immaturity and trying to find there way and their place in an adult world, in time if given the right guidance they will grow out of that phase, but until that time you should consider dating older guys they might be a little more suited for your needs..

  • I listen to rap music,whenever i am bored,it ia only normal.stop talking trash about all white guys all the time,not all us white guys are hateful and prejudice all the time.grow a brain and grow up and move on with your life.

  • I don't listen to music but I know what you are talking about. There are plenty of white guys who listens to rock music and you can find them easily..!!

  • OP just needed to have a whine and virtue signal about wypipo, that's all. She's undoubtedly moved on to many other made-up crises by now.

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