My dad hit me

I'm 16. I'm a girl and my dad hit me. I feel helpless. He knows I have no where to go

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  • What a whiner! The first time my dear da hit me was when I was 5. By the time I was 16 I'd already had to go to the hospital three times. Thankfully he's dead now. When I say hit, I mean closed fist to the face, not a pop on the butt for doing something stupid. I suppose you're one of those fragile flowers who can't tell the difference?

  • There is a difference to being hit and being beaten. I was hit, or 'smacked', when i grew up and i am perfectly fine. My Dad only ever did it if i was really naughty. It was a sign of love, he wanted me to grow up well.

    BUT, if your Dad beat you, that is entirely different. Did you fight or do anything before you were hit?

  • At age 17, you can join the Navy.

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