Huge mistake

In March of this year I began to suspect my husband of cheating me. About once a month he would stay over at a friends house after nights out, saying he didn't want to wake up our children with his drunken voice. Then in June I began to snoop at his emails and text messages on his phone to try and find anything that would confirm he was playing away, but I couldn't find anything.
I got myself so worked up about it, I began to lose lots of weight and I realised I looked bodily as good as I had in years, less the stressed looking eyes.
I was invited out by a friend after confiding my doubts to her, and we ended up a late night pub/club, where two guys got chatting to me and one of my other friends.
Still having major doubts about my husband and being out for the first time in months, I let my hair down and let any inhibitions go, deciding if he could have extra marital fun then so could I.
My friend and I ended up at hotel with the two men after leaving the club early. My friend paired off with one guy and I the other, but in the same bedroom.
It was, I have to say here and now, the most thrilling and deeply and I do mean deep, amazing s** I've ever had.
Both men had s** with each of us and one of them had the largest erection I've ever had s** with, he was at least nine inches long and his c*** was so thick.
My friend fell asleep after we'd all had s** together, but I wanted and got more when both men entered me at the same time, it was as though I was making up for all the wrongs my husband had been doing to me over the previous months.
My p**** and a*** were gaping with the s** we'd had when they'd shot there loads all over my face again.
At around two thirty in the morning I ordered a taxi, myself and my friend were given one more final taste of the mens c**** as we blew them together before we left, literally wiping their c** off our faces as we entered the cab.
Then the week that has blown my whole world into doubt. I met my husbands friend who he claimed to stay with. He saw me out with the children shopping and asked if he could have a word.
Putting the kids in the car and closing the door, he went on to tell me, my husband would have to go home after nights out with him and their friends from now on, as his wife was moaning about waking up to him on their couch in the morning.
He talked to me for another minute or two but I didn't hear a word he said. All I could think of was I'd cheated on my husband and he was telling me the truth all along.
It's been a just over a month since I saw my husbands friend, and I've waivered over whether I should tell my husband of my infidelity.
Only three days ago I was out in a park with my husband and our children, and walking towards me was the guy with the large c***. At first I thought he was coming over to talk to me but as he passed he winked and went over to a woman and a child.
I'm wracked with guilt and remorse over my actions and enjoying the s** with the two men, I've maid such a huge mistake and don't know what to do for the best.

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  • Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

    Oh I hope Karma gets you. You didn't talk to him to make sure he wasn't cheating? Hahahahahahahahaha

    Good luck. I hope he finds out. Either that or you let him go b**** deep in two gorgeous young gals!

  • You must tell him. If he ever finds out (and he will), you will have no chance of saving your marriage especially if he finds out months or years after this escapade. He will wonder what else have you been hiding.


  • Do NOT tell him, it will hurt him and won't resolve your guilt. Forgive yourself and work on being a good partner. And take all that excitement from your escapade and convert it into sexual energy for your husband.

  • haha...nobody's perfect...count your blessings, act normal, and don't EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, tell your husband about your affair....If you tell him the truth, theN you have FLUSHED YOUR MARRIAGE DOWN THE TOILET!

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