I confess that I have cheated on my wife multiple times.. i have had dirty feeling for my office coworkers..I have had sexualintercourse with our maid servant .. i have harboursed sexual desires for my wife's elder sister .. her friends .. I have had a prostitute get into oral s** .. as a matter of fact I got iinto oral s** just a few days before my marriage with another co-worker .. recently I was out on a business trip .. and had s** with my boss.

THats not all ... I hav had 2 encounters of oral s** with 2 different men .. where I gave them a B*******.. I own a huge colection of p***.. and if I analyse well .. 90 % of my time goes into thinking about s** ...
The sad part is that I have not felt sorry about this a lot .. rather I do enjoy these memories ..

Off late, God has given me a lot of grief in life ... my job is kind of slipping away from my hands .. my mother does not talk to me and my sister thinks that I a shame ...

God I am sorry for mis-using your blessings & gifts. .. please grant me courage to stay away from such wrong deeds ..and do forgive me if you can ..

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  • That's what I want to know too. "Maid servent"??? Are you southern bible belt??? You talk as though you're a decendant of a slave owner. However you really need to get in touch with certain facts about yourself and come to terms with them. You are very obvoiusly repressed from your interpertation of your "religion'. You are in point of fact living a lie from your own repressed desires. You most likely have racist attitudes with your "maid servant" reference. Please see a counselor.

  • You've done some pretty f***** up s*** dude. But lucky for you, you haven't died in your sins... yet. Which means there's still a chance for forgiveness. But in order to be forgiven you have to confess and repent. This will not be as easy as it sounds. To repent, you have to be truly sorry for your actions and turn away from them for good. -"The sad part is that I have not felt sorry about this a lot"- Im guessing that for you, feeling remorseful about it is the budding issue. You can't help people that don't want to be helped. If you want to SEE a change, BE the change. I hope you find your resolve soon because life is short and habits are hard to break.

  • Here's the thing. If you're gay that's fine, but don't hide. Tell your wife everything, and live a life that you want. Or get your s*** straight with the cheating. But your wife deserves the truth.

  • *Adultry.

  • you're blowing your boss n you about to lose your job ..lmao You are pathetic n closet h*** , feel bad for wife she deserves a real MAN. Like me :)

  • you gave a guy a b******* eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww. did u than turn around and kiss ur wife with that mouth. is ur boss a guy. i suspect ur mom isnt talking to u becsuse she can smell c*** on ur breath.

  • You f***** your 'maid servant'? You sound like a first grade d********* that will burn.

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