I'm in love....

I'm in love with Reinhard Heydrich.
I know what he did.
I know that he was a cruel man and what he did was terribly wrong.
I can't help it.
He is so handsome.
And he's just... amazing otherwise.
I wish I knew him.
I wish I didn't love him.
And he's the only one I think about.

Aug 17, 2012

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  • This is quite hilarious. As long as you don't do anything about it, if you know what I'm saying, it's fine.

  • This is totally messed up.

  • Telling me where you (or some of your ancestors) were born and what religion you are and what ethnicity your wife is doesn't mean you aren't racist. Sorry to spoil your party or your pose or whatever the h*** it is you're doing here, but yes: what you wrote says you're racist.

  • deluded

  • Troll

  • wackjob

  • He got terrible childhood, terrbile wife and mean lovers, quite tragic man, he needs a bit of warm feelings and guidance in afterlife.

  • These "feelings", if that's even what they really are, aren't simply innocent daydreams or even some kind of abstract mental gymnastics, because once the ideas exit your mouth or crystallize into written content, they become a direct expression of tolerance and acceptance for the most hideous acts ever in history perpetrated en masse by one group of human beings on other groups of human beings, even to the point of having the cloak of governmental approval. My hope is that, if this isn't some kind of gameplaying or posed provocation that you fools are engaged in, and if you really believe what you've written, you'll go find some professional help . . . before you go shooting up an office building or a temple or a theater. Whatever actual beliefs underlie your words, if there are any, all of you are deluded and wrong. And all of you are dangerous, to yourselves and others.

  • I have Jewish friends who feel the same...

  • Yeah his wife forced him to join the Nazis and the SS. If she didn't, who knows?

  • totally
    he could be an admiral and really nice guy

  • Are you even casually familiar with history? Are you aware that this was the chairman of the N*** committee who decided that the Jews needed to be removed, forceably, from German soil? Because they were "inferior" (to use a nice word than he did)?

  • Dude, there's nothing wrong with having an infatuation with a historical person. And by what she's saying, she obviously knows what he did and she doesn't like it. She even said that she hates that she loves him. I've had infatuations with Nazis before, but that didn't make me racist or anything.

  • "Love"? "Infatuation"? Forgive me for fouling your fantasy, but yes, it DOES make you racist. You AND the original poster. It makes both of you racist......and f****** nuts.

  • I'm racist? I'm a German Jew married to an African-American.

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