I have been having intense sexual dreams about a professor of mine. I am happily married, I have no desire to cheat on my husband. That even comes up in my dreams, they're incredibly vivid and play out like one of those silly ill fated romance movies. I feel so guilty when I wake up aroused by it. Help.

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  • I'm not having tension, and the s** with my husband is HOT, these dreams bother me because of their intensity and vividness. Even in my dreams we try not to, but it happens, just like those dumb rom-com movies.

  • Just m********* and relieve the sexual tension you're obviously feeling, without being physically unfaithful.

  • Sme people have affair on their husbands, thinking they never get caught, one day they will? If I was you get a book on role-play in the bedroom, I did, my husband and I enjoy each other it night time now, I love dressing up like a s***, we have fun, all I did our sexual enjoyment back in line, hope you read about role-play enjoy yourself in the bedroom with your husband, this other person said out to have affair on their comments, don't look around see what you have with your husband, you get caugh it's all gone,

  • Rader romance novels, Don't Cheat on your husband, do this a little role-play with your husband dress up like a s*** for him candle light dinner and music, I do that for my man, I dressed up, he love it, role-play is not bad, when you married to a man for long. Time the snap and pop goes out of your relationship, it's your job to put the pop snap back in your loving relationship,I did I dressed up as a cowgirl with my boots by sixgun and cowgirl hat, at bedtime, heat map prisoner for the night in our sexual relationship has grown better than ever, Don Cheadle and your husband, it's not worth it, you lose every find that you have, are you for prepare for that, so I invented the role-play at my house at night time, now I can set my watch, he always on time, he love me and I love you, it's left up to you to make your sexual life in your marriage to work, try this before you step out on him,

  • Dn't be so ashamed, you didn't actually go out and have an affair! It was a dream, a sexy one albeit, but still a dream you couldn't control. If you feel comfortable enough with it, you can even tell your husband about it, he might actually be interested in it

  • Wy are you tell her that,what kind person are you? sick person i think? step out on her husband go and have s** with another man, you know every man not a like some husband get a divorce and other will punish you for your mistake, you must a j*** kind of person,

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