What i learned from dating transexual's

When i 1st got into transsexuals i wanted to be f***** by a huge d*** but when i 1st got f***** it was by a guy that i wasn't even attracted to i let him f*** me so my ts girl friend could get $$$ for a way back home. & then after words she got the nerve to dump me for the next guy with a loaded wallet i had an excuse for not having any $$$ i used it all on the trip to Florence SC so we could spend some time together & also to get her something to eat after all
$$$ don't grow on trees.

here are a few things i have learned from dating Transsexual's

lesson 1 when you go broke trying to make some one happy make sure they actually care about you 1st

lesson 2 real women go to work because there is no need for a house wife if there are no kid at home. (TS fail to understand this)

lesson 3 if you decide to go out with a transsexual because you are having trouble finding a real woman be reminded that there is no replacement for a real woman.

lesson 4 most transsexual's are just emotional men who are lazy & now have curves they think that becoming a woman means that they wont have to work once they settle down. real women know that this is Bull S*** & that laziness is a good way to become homeless

lesson 5 : 95% transsexual's don't want to finish their transformation & go 100% female witch is a sign that they don't really want to be a woman they just want the perks of being a woman with non of the set backs after all as long as you got the equipment of a man you can just get the implants taken out & work out & you will look like a man again


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  • DUDE! You are 100% no bullshit right on! However, you did leave out one thing. A Tranny likes to f*** a lot, the problem being they don't always like to f*** the same Guy! Good Posting!!!!!

  • I can't say that it's a scientific fact, but my experience is that trannies have more STDs than most women, so you have to be extra careful in having relations with them, and especially if you're married. Be wary.

  • ^ YEP ^

  • Trannies are incredible lovers. Please don't give up on them just bcoz of this bad experience.

  • I agree with ^this^ completely. I'd dating one right now, and the love I get from her is so much better and sweeter and hotter than anything I get from my wife. She's really amazing.

  • Hey guys i have a question for you, im a straight guy that desperately wants a t-girl, but i wanna know during s** do you let a t-girl have your ass during s** if your straight?? please answer

  • You're going to get a lot of answers one way or the other, all with loads of attitude, bias and pure opinion. My recommendation is to ignore them all and just operate by feel. If you like the t-girl and want to please her, and if she wants your ass, give it to her, repeatedly. Likewise, if you like her, and you want her in your ass, don't hesitate a second to let her in, repeatedly. The point of s** is pleasure, so you should give and receive pleasure within relationships that are important to you and with people that are important to you, and don't worry for even a second about how someone else is going to define the act or define you. Enjoy your t-girls. They really are the best, and you will soon agree with that. Be well!

  • Indeed. I had the same experience with a tranny that I got overly involved with. I had thought my wife had a bad attitude, and an inflamed sense of entitlement, but this tranny (that I left my wife for) was soooooooo much worse. I mean, at first she was fine: it was all s**, all the time, and she was willing to do whatever, whenever, and willing to do it every day, even before I left home. She knew she could do things to me and for me that my wife just couldn't (physically), and also that she would do things that my wife COULD do, but refused to do. But almost as soon as I left my family and moved in with her (actually I just moved into the apartment I'd leased for her when we were just having an affair), the DRAMA started, and Oh My God! Everything was a fight, and everything resulted in tears and swearing and threats, and running off to f*** other guys as a way of punishing me for not doing whatever it was she wanted me to do or for not giving her whatever it was she wanted or for not increasing her allowance (yes, allowance: so she wouldn't have to work). Jesus, what a f****** disaster she was. I wish I'd known what she was going to do before I left my wife and kids for her. She's long gone, and I'll never date a t-girl again. You have to have a strong ability to withstand the drama. In my view, the risk is not worth the reward. I agree with you in every respect.

  • There is nothing as beautiful or sensual or wonderful as a well-hung tranny with huge implants. ommfg!

  • Making love with a transsexual is always better than with a woman. Always.

  • you obviously had a horrible experience with your t-girl and i am so sorry about that bcuz t-girls generally are such sweet and totally sympathetic lovers. there is a strip club near where i live that features t-girls one nite a week and thats always the night i am there. there is one in particular that i always take to the vip booths and i love her and she knows it. the s** with her is better than any woman i ever had s** with, whether white or black. she has a boyfriend she lives with so i only get to see her outside the club on rare occasion but i would leave my family and move her in with me if she could leave home. i love her.

  • You failed to factor love into your equation. Transsexuals need and want love just like anyone else, and many men want a partner who can and does understand both love and physical pleasure in more than just one realm, and who can give and receive it in more than just one realm. Are there some transsexuals who are greedy and needy and selfish? Of course, but there are plenty of natural women who are exactly that way, and one's odds of becoming involved with someone who is greedy and needy and selfish have nothing to do with genitalia. Likewise, it's faulty to assume and believe that all transsexuals hope -- or are planning -- to complete the full transition to the femme: it seems to me that most are happy to be exactly where they are, and aren't experiencing conflict by existing, and functioning, in both sexual worlds. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with a t-girl, but I hope you haven't actually given up on that one in particular, or on t-girls as a whole: they can be a true joy, more so than any biological female, and they can bring a joy not available to you between the legs of a biological female.

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