FIRST OF ALL I AM A 30 YEAR OLD WOMAN WITH A 6YR OLD SON AND A 32YR OLD FIANCEE. ME AND MY FIANCEE ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED IN NOVEMBER. BACK IN FEBRUARY I WAZ A SIZE 10 AND FOR A SUPRISE my fiancee mike got me my dream wedding dress only there was one size left in size 8. I told him ill just get one later but he just forced me to get a personal trainer at the gym as he wanted everything "perfect", something h*** live to regret. in a couple of weeks i had signed to a gym and got a trainer called Zac. OMG he was so hot but i werent intrested. he had nice black hair with blue eyes and bulging biceps. over the next few days he got a bit closer to my liking, the way he would touch me and stuff. i told him i wanted to do judo and he agreed. i only done it to beat the s*** out of him. after that session we had finished at 10pm so the gym was nearly deserted. i went to the shower and no one was there. i showered and then someone opened my door and it was Zac. he had his clothes on an came in and told me he had wanted to f*** me so bad. so i did. i must of had 100 o*******. he was so good. its is a couple of months to my wedding and im a size 8 now but i cant live with me cheating on my high school sweetheart and the father of my child. should i tell him. please help me.

Aug 27, 2012

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  • Go on a murderous rampage

  • Yo, the people saying not to tell him. you are all f***** up. This dude is gonna be in a relationship where he is cheated on. if it can happen once, it could happen again. and then keeping it from him? S***, once a liar, always a liar. Sure. dont tell him. play the victim and make it work out for YOU, not HIM. People are f***** UP, s***

  • Don't tell him. In fact f*** the trainer in the wedding dress and then break it off with the trainer. It's just s**.

  • I would not tell ur fiancee bc u didnt want to have s** w/ur trainer he came on to u. it happens but u know it was a mistake, u love ur fiancee and u have a 2nd chance just dont make the same mistake again. hope it all works out

  • He deserves better than a sorry W****. Tell him so he can dump your sorry ass for someone more deserving.

  • The truth of the matter is that women with male personal trainers have s** with them. It is strange for a woman NOT to have a sexual relationship with her male trainer. Your fiancee suggested the trainer and so he had to have acknowledged that it would happen. The part of the equation that screws it up is the confirmation that you had done it. That would make the fantasy of the situation too real for your fiancee to deal with.

    DON'T TELL. You didn't f*** the trainer out of love, it was just s**. Let it stay just s**. Drop the guilt off and don't turn back.

  • You made a mistake, but dont tell him, it will set off his ego, this is coming from a guy, I should know.

  • I don't find anything wrong with it! I did my sister-in-law the day of my wedding and still doing her after 9 years.

  • If you were my fiance I would be very understanding. S** isn't really a love or intimate thing, it is more of a recreational thing. As long as nobody was hurt, there is no reason to feel bad.

  • You are disgusting, thinking someone is going to help you, I hope nothing works out for you.

  • Why would you cheat on your fiancee!!! Especially when he gets you a dress that's gorgeous. He wants your guys wedding to be perfect, doesn't that matter to you ? But no you just cheat on him with some gym teacher! And you have a kid :/ I would tell him the truth if you really lobe him.

  • What does "lobe" really mean, though? Does that have something to do with an ear lobe, or another lobe in the body?
    How do you lobe someone? I mean, "really lobe" someone?
    How would you even write shorthand for that?
    You can't write "I <3 u" (I heart you) because that means "I LOVE you".
    Maybe you could draw an earlobe in place of the heart ...

  • Why are you overeacting over "lobe" sheesh

  • The same reason everyone else is overreacting to the rest of this post. Different people have different priorities. Some of us give a crap about spelling when using a word based form of communication. Deal with it!!

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