Left groom at alter. Love my cousin

Today I left my fiancee at the alter.

I been in love with my 2nd cousin Robert since I was 9 years old and I went to live with his family after my parents died in a car crash.

Robert is 28 and I'm 26. We have always been so close. I'm not the sexiest or prettiest girl, but Robert always said I was.

He always took me as his date to his high school dances. And was my date for my prom. We went out together all the time.

I wanted to tell him but never did. We have been together several times and it was magnificent love making.

Last year I decided just to marry my fiancee as Robert seem out of reach.

Last night Robert came to my apartment and asked if I was sure about getting married.

I turned away and said yes. Then he turned me around and said "look in my eyes and tell me".

I couldn't. "Please Roberts don't make me." "Tell me" he said. "No no, I can't marry him, I love you. I've always loved you."

Robert pulled me to him and we made love most of the night.

This mornings we went to the next town and got married at the Justice of the Peace.

Everyone on the groom's side is so mad at us. Robert's parents and our family are happy.

Robert's parent told us "It about time you two woke up and got married. Everyone knows you two are on love!"

I love my husband so much my dream has come true.

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