Drunk dancing

So I got engaged like 3 weeks ago. Last nite a group of us was out drinking and dancing at a club including my fiancee and 1 of her friends whose going to be a bridesmaid. I slow-danced this long song with the friend and got a erection that I didn't manage to hide very well. She rubbed against me more when she noticed it happening, with her hip and even sometimes with her fingers when nobody could see, and made things worse but she wouldtn stop. When the song ended she told me "if I made that thing hard then I get to have it to myself, those are the rules." I didnt say nothing but when everybody was leaving the friend told my fiancee that she needed me to drive her home because she was too drunk and before I could say something my fiancee said "totally". As soon as we got in the car the friend started working on my pants and got me out and went down on me on the way to her house and she was better with her mouth than anybody. I tried to leave right when we got her home but wound up having to help her in the house because she was drunk and sick or so she pretended. When she got me inside she made me check on her kids to see if they were okay and asleep because she said she was too drunk to go in their bedroom. When I came back out to the family room she had stripped down to only her high heels and earrings and told me to take her to bed. If I hadn't been drinking I probably would have said no, but she looks sooooooo much better naked than my fiancee that I wasnt able to resist even though shes like 11-12 yrs older than my fiancee and has been divorced twice. So I took her to bed and we made love for like 4 hrs, which is like 3.5 hrs more than I ever f***** my fiancee or ever actually even wanted to f*** her. I left after sunrise but before her kids woke up because that's what she wanted. Before I left she told me "I really dont care whether or not you get married but there is just no way we're ever going to stop this" and even though I was sober by then I agreed with her. I know I'm supposed to feel bad about havnig done this but I cant help it: I dont feel bad at all about it because I found her and the love was incredible. I don't know what to do yet about my fiancee but I know what I'm going to be doing with her friend. And I'll be doing it as often as I can. You really cant imagine how good a lover this woman is. I was amazed.


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  • that is awesome lucky b****** but i agree with the 2 peopl at the bottom

  • She sounds very hot...great s** is godly and you need to have more..
    Twice married chick won't last though so plan on it. If she seduced her BF's fiancee(you dude) she will get someone else next year.

    Just be sure to not knock anyone up but have fun while it lasts...

    Oh and drop the financee...you can find another when this fling is over

  • live a double life and enjoy all you can until your wife/fiance finds out, then just stick with the other chick.
    bam, have fun man

  • sound advice here

  • First of all you didn't "make love" it was just s**. And Her line about "no way we're ever going to stop this"..she's going to make your life a living h*** in more ways then one. She'll want more, she already does. You can do whatever you want. But the kindest thing you can do, break up with your fiance. She didn't sign up for this bull s***. Let her find a guy who'd not going to cheat on her and a friend with whom she can really trust.

  • I totally agree with this comment. Why get engaged if you're so easily persuaded into having s** with someone else, especially your fiances friend? Obviously you're not ready for any sort of commitment, and your fiance deserves better than some loser who's going to cheat on her 3 weeks after being engaged. Not to mention a new 'friend' because apparently the 'friend' she has now is nothing but a slutty home-wrecker. Maybe you and the 'friend' should get together, you two losers deserve each other.

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