I can't believe I'm even doing this but here goes. I'm a cheater I've cheated on my longtime gf probably 5 times. I don't understand my behavior there is no emotional tie and my cheating was never with feelings towards the other. A sexual release. I dont want to give into the demons anymore and my sick mind justifies it with the fact I always practice safe s**. I know this is insane thinking and I do not want to lose the love of my life over this desire I have for s**. I'm deeply saddened by my behavior and I need to overcome these thoughts as I have them. Im pathetic

Aug 30, 2012

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  • Yep, you certainly are.

  • Flaying yourself with words is no way to fight the demons within. You're in pain because of your choices, and really, that pain is pretty selfish, BUT we become the people we believe we can be. Your self degradation is really just you shooting low goals. How about you're awesome and yeah, you've made mistakes. Life is a mistake. The fact that somehow this one tiny little planet exploded with life and we became sentient beings is CRAZY. So just do you, be a better you. You can be a good boyfriend, if you love the girl you'll do that. You can fist pump right now just to get the awesome inner self flowing. You will only be judged by those who know you. Make sure there are people to create memories with.

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