Im married but i ended up loving another...

... i never meant for it to happen... its just my wife (of 3 years..known her for 14 yrs) .. is not a sexual person... I love her but when it comes to intimacy its like i have to beg her to make love to me... it sucks..
so i ended up falling for a co-worker ... she knows im married ..shes single.. and understands my situation ... she really loves me as i do her... BUT .. we both know it cant last or go on... which depresses the h*** out of both of us...
My wife is not a bad person.. shes really kind n sweet ... and thats why i would feel guilty if i left her... its just the Damn intimacy that missing between us.. and believe me we have tried to make it better or work....
my co-worker gives me everything .. does every thing... and i never felt such pleasure in my whole life... i mean, the s** is Intense!! ... i cant break away from it.. just... i cant see myself with her for the long term .. (and she knows it too....) especially since ive only know her for 3 years and my wife 14 yrs... kinda scared to take that big leap of fate to see what life would be like if i left my wife..and started one with her...


i dont even know what it is im tryin to confess .. guess i just needed to get it off my chest....


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  • Make a choice and be a man about it. It's as simple as that.

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