My life.... No Privacy.

In all 11 years of my life, I was never was given any privacy at all. When I was a kid, I slept with my mom and dad — because I had to. I don't blame anyone on that, but I never had my own room. Luckily, we moved when I was in second. I had my own room now. But then some new problems. My parents never knock when they enter. They just explode into my room. And there was some close misses. Once, they almost stepped on a robot I was constructing. That would've erased hours of work. Another time, They crushed a model of something (that I can't remember) I was making. It was out of paper, and not just the simple ones with the simple shapes. It was like the stuff from . And they crushed it. So I had to start all over again. And I finished it. But after a week or so, I found that it had a dent in it. So much for that. And another time, more recently, I was masturbating, and I closed the door. I was just about to load it out, when I heard the door open. Thankfully, I pulled my pants over at just the right time. It was kinda disgusting in there after a while, but it saves tons of embarrassment. Just imagine — you walk into your son's room and suddenly, you see liquid shooting up from the upper part of a bunk bed. At least I've got my mom to thank for that (the quick reflexes, my mom use to hit me when I don't behave). So onwards. I don't have any brothers or sisters, so I'm alone. No one to share feelings and ideas with. All I really value as a 'friend' is 2 computers. It isn't much, but I learn so much from them. Just as much as I would if I shared with a real person. Maybe even more. Because where would you find an 11 year old that knows how to program in Python and JavaScript? Console.log, print, variables, booleans, alert(), input(), all jammed up at my head.
Reaching in another direction, about privacy, my parents don't allow me to go anywhere by myself. Like the playground next to my house. It's only 1 damn block to walk! She's too worried about me being murdered or so. All because of the lies of 1480 AM (on radio). If I want to go, she goes with me. And if I do simple stuff, like hanging upside down, or walking on top of the monkey bars without any support, she'll wimp out and tell me to come down. I never do. I run all the way across. And then out of the playground to my house, sure to take the long way to throw her off.
And then, there's my friends. She doesn't trust any of them, so I end up not being able to go to their houses. She even has to spy on me chatting with them with Gmail!
Also, my mom checks on me near 3:00. She thinks that I'm not asleep or something. She said that she makes sure that my covers are over me, but in the summer?! Then she says "because of allergies". I've always seemed sick since As long as I can remember, and she says it's because it's that I'm cold. But I know better. The answer is that I don't physically move enough. Now, she hides my deodorant and tells me that I smell like bird crap.
So now, here I am, sitting on my sofa, writing this page. It's well past my bedtime.


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  • Wow, your moms a b***! Sneak out at night and comeback a few weeks later, I did that at 11 because my brother would hurt me (punch, talking, ECT) and my mom did not think it was true. So I ran away for a few weeks, a year later and nothing bad yet... I hope it stays like that! But I'm a girl and your a boy so I don't know if the outcome will be the same :/

  • I can't sneak out. No matter how much I want to. It's like I'm being killed right now. But if I run away, I'll be running from death to death. She'll kill me for running away in the first place when I come back. Not only that, but she'd call my aunt, and she'll kill me again, and then my aunt will tell my other aunts and uncles the same thing, and I'll end up being killed by each one of my relatives, be the subject of most talks in school, and probably be on the news (considering what blabbermouths my mom is).

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