One slip up

I am 34 years old, I have been married for 10 years and have two kids, age 2 and a newborn. I love my wife but we have not had s** since about a month before the new baby (4 months now!). It has been so difficult. I understand that with the breast feeding and sleepless nights she is not up to it but it has been very h****** our relationship. I had been talking to a coworker about my situation for a little while...i know the dangers of venting about your wife to another woman, especially if she is beautiful and in her 20s, but I needed to talk to someone and to be honest, it felt good. She was such a good listener and even though I was very attracted to this girl, I figured it was one way (she's so hot I thought there was no way she'd be into me) and safe. We were out for drinks with clients late last week and we both had a bit too much to drink. She offered to split a cab with me and when we got to her place she kissed me. We went upstairs and had the best s** of my entire life. She let me c** inside her and it felt amazing (my wife only let's me do that when we are trying). After she told me that if my wife would not sleep with me and I had no outlet sexually it would destroy my marriage. She told me that she would be my sexual outlet if I wanted it. I have no idea what to do. I can't imagine going the rest of my life without ever experiencing that again, but I feel so guilty. I know that if I remain as sexually frustrated as I am with my wife now our marriage may not last, so in a way continuing the affair could save my marriage. Is this totally crazy logic?? I can't stop thinking about this woman!!

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  • You're the reason why I'll never have a child for a man, I really don't believe too many men deserve to be fathers these days. She is being a b**** about things but two wrongs don't make a right...get help

  • Go for it man your wife is a selfish b**** who is probably getting it someplace else

  • Get that nut!

  • Your logic is sound. You should take this opportunity. I know you care a lot about your wife, but s** isn't love and love isn't s**. Let the 2 be what they are. Be there for your wife and make sure you take care of her needs when she recovers, but don't ignore your needs in the meantime.

    P.S. be careful not to knock up the coworker.

  • I talked to my wife about my frustration and she called me selfish and said I should get over it. I told my coworker about it and she said she would take me on a "business" trip next week. When I came inside her after work I didn't even feel guilty this time.

  • Lucky f***! Enjoy the free s** for a while, but you know deep down you can't leave your wife, and can't let a close relationship form with this other woman. So f*** for a while and break it off!

  • Can't you just f****** keep it in your f****** pants for the sake of your wife and family??!?

  • You need to take your wife to the doctor, have have her blood tested, see have hormones leved check,

  • Lucky man. F*** her and love her. Treat her nice and don't hurt her. I wish I can have such nice girl like you. God bless me!

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