Some Birthday Present..

My birthday was a few months ago, and my biological father sent me a few cards and some money, stating that he just now found my address and wanted to know when i would be up to see him. He could've drove up to see me instead of waiting months to send me anything. I haven't seen him since christmas eve of last year and hasnt talked to me since the last week of june. at first i subsided all of it, until my mom brought up what i was thinking. and when she tried talking to me, she brought up the same story that i always hear, that my grandmother and father wanted my mom to abort me and that when i first started seeing my dad that my grandmother and father thought i looked nothing like my dad. and it just bugs me that after all this time, i just cant seem to let it go. ive been lashing out at friends and have become an emotional wreck. I just want to know if i should say something to my dad, or just ignore it and let it go. email me at for the whole story if interested or have any good advice.

Sep 2, 2012

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