I have a boyfriend, but I like someone else

I have a boyfriend who only is dating me because it benefits his future and because he can't get anyone else/is too awkward to get anyone else. I still care about him, but it hurts to know that he does not feel the same way. There is someone who I have known for a while, but never gotten close to that I started developing feelings for. He is always making fun of somebody, talks s*** about others and acts immaturely when he is around others. But I had seen a side of him that no one has ever seen before: a sweet, caring and personal gentleman. I love being with him alone. I love seeing this side of him. I wish I could have him instead of my boyfriend, but I do not know if he would stay in a committed relationship which is what I seek. If he was, I would have dumped my boyfriend for him by now. We'll see how things turn out in the future...

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  • Stop dreaming, you know that guy is a good time Charlie, stay with the guy you are with,

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